Big ol whoppin update!

Been a while since ive updated so heres whats been up!

Firstly ive been working on the new Machete Men record. Links Below are some of what to expect with this release. Guest appearances by Farnell Newton, J Ross Parelli and myself just to name a few. Im Co-producing, engineering, and mixing this 20 track monster of a record.

Here’s Farnell rippin it up- (this guy plays for Bootsy Coolis, Jill Scott….whole grip of others. A real Beast!

@repost via from @havanapdx #farnellnewton tracking on Cierra La Puerta for the #machetemen #psychorumba #instarepost20

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Here’s J Ross Parelli’s profile- more on that later, but check her out. She recently dropped a record, and also inked a deal with Universal records. Look for her, shes on the rise!

Cfp w J Ross and Machete crew @ PCS studio

Heres a sneak peak of something Jackson Coffey and myself wrote for the new Machete Men record. This ones him, then me rapping. The drums are tracked live w 3 mics. Sounds dope.

Secondly ive got some new rock stuff ive produced for you guys to check out.

I did the engineering, performing, mixing, and mastering on this stuff One man band production! Enjoy!

Also Ive got a big thing coming up, im honored to play host to mega rock producer Eyal Levi  (Audio Hammer studios) for his recording bootcamp! This one will have Keith Merrow (Conquering Dystopia/Merrow), and Anup Sastry (Intervals) on the instruments. 3 days of getting your learn on with the pros. Stoked! Heres the link to Eyal’s site for more info on this immense event!

Thirdly i produced a new rap song WITH  video for my fun rap/side project Shank Party. Check out the first single! With video! Legit!

Lastly, but not leastly here’s some other stuff in the works as well. Currently in production/unfinsihed projects include-

Ghost Town Grey


Path to Ruin

Alison Hensley (Mad Alice)

Mat McDaniel

Bad Habitat

Jim Strange with the proud and the damned

I have some other stuff in the pipe too but ill wait to clear my plate a bit to talk about it all. Till next time guys! Thanks for checking in! – Chris