Updates for April/May @ Chris Finster Productions

1. Tracking for Existential Depression = Done

Mixing for Existential Depression = Commencing

2. 3 songs done for the new Deverra record

3. 7 songs done for the new American Roulette record

4. Only Zuul E.P. is in mastering this week

5. Recording a 3 song E.P. for Vermicular Paranoia this month.

6. 2 Songs complete for the Ghost Town Grey EP, there will be a total of 5.

7. Starting tracking and mixing for The Machete Men this week.

8. Starting tracking for At The Seams full length this weekend.

9. Mixing a track for INDAMIX records called “Bartender”

10. Updated my mobile rig to a Mac Book Pro, and an Apogee Duet.

11. Purchased Steven Slate Drums Platinum (i like it better than Superior Drummer) and some other assorted guitar sims, and cabinet mods.
12. I need a vacation

13. I love you, goodbye – Finster